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Questionable Activity Concerning Credit/Debit Notes. FinCEN got questioned by the General Accounting workplace (GAO) to perform research as to how credit/debit/ATM cards can be utilized in facilitating money laundering.

GAO requested that FinCEN conduct a look associated with SAR database for financial ages 2000 and 2001 utilizing the after specific variables: 1) SARs registered that showed BSA/Structuring/Money Laundering as infraction type the spot where the label credit card or charge cards starred in the story; 2) SARs registered that suggested charge card fraudulence because the infraction and where the terms BSA, Bank privacy Act, money laundering, or structuring appeared in the narrative; 3) SARs filed that suggested BSA/Structuring/Money Laundering due to the fact violation kind where term debit or debit cards appeared in the story; and 4) SARs registered that showed Debit cards Fraud due to the fact infraction and in which the terms BSA, Bank privacy work, money laundering, or structuring appeared in the story.

Statistical Review

The search of SAR database for financial age 2000 and 2001 identified 499 SARs submitted by 134 banking institutions when the narrative area contained suggestions pertinent with the demand. These SARs signify about one tenth of a single % in the complete of all of the SARs recorded in that years. Of appropriate SARs:

Highlighted Patterns of Activity

Comparison of the narrative parts of the collection of pertinent SARs identified some activities of dubious activity of credit cards. Following are descriptions of the models, grouped because of the range SARs that may be linked to each matter region.

Structuring of Money on Bank Card Accounts

A total of 115 SARs explained profit structuring activity for the narratives. Typically, the SARs outlined structuring by customers which attempted numerous transactions below the CTR reporting criteria. Frequently, these were profit purchases where in fact the consumer requested to put funds into various accounts, reduce financing, acquisition cashier’s monitors, and come up with mastercard money. When these people are well informed that a CTR might possibly be recorded in line with the full amount of activity, most withdrew one (1) or even more purchases to get in CTR limit. These types of task had been consistently reported as questionable by lender engaging.

Of specific interest people purchases reported as dubious may be the highest dollars amount that subscribers planned to shell out on the credit card accounts. These tried full payments pawn shops in NH had been usually over $5,000 and sometimes surpassed $10,000. In a large amount circumstances, a non-bank buyer attempted to render cash payments to a credit card that has been into the term of an authentic financial consumer. Two (2) SARs describe structuring by using automated teller device (ATM) notes, in other words., several (smaller denomination expenses) money build up to various profile by one person.

A total of 61 SARs described credit/debit/ATM card fraud. Most of these SARs discussed lost or stolen credit cards being used by another party.

An extra 70 SARs mentioned the utilization of ATM/debit cards. Like in earlier examples, individuals organized many deposits or distributions in order to prevent CTR revealing requirements. In the case of checks deposited via an ATM, more turned out to be fraudulent checks, but only after cash distributions or point-of-sale deals transpired, resulting in the financial to sustain a loss. Some situations illustrated consumers who wired cash into their records from a free account in a bank in a different country after which proceeded to make numerous ATM withdrawals where overseas country. [See FinCEN SAR Bulletin – concern 1 (June 1999) Automated Teller equipments.]

Cash Advances from Bank Card Profile

Payday loans on charge cards had been explained in 97 narratives. These large improvements were pulled on one or more credit cards. Usually, the consumer made use of these advances to order cashier’s checks or to wire funds to a different destination. Customers furthermore requested that payday loans getting placed into economy and or checking profile. Bank Card Benefits Checks16